Exhaust System
Our exhaust kit is designed with awareness of performance and sound. It is a highly finished product finished by Tig welding using the finest SUS 304 stainless steel material for all parts
Down Pipe with Sport Cat
In order to improve the response of the turbo it is a product that you can experience the elongation in the medium and high speed range without sacrificing the torque in the low revolution range

Intake System
By covering the filter body with a carbon box, it is possible to provide a stable intake air temperature by suppressing the temperature rise of the filter
Body Kit
Designed to fit the body without breaking the normal form! Originality The design brings up the presence of that car.

S02R Suspension System
A wide range of settings is possible from the circuit to the street! It is possible to set the height of the low form from the normal look with the full length adjustment formula
HID 6200K D1S Bulb
D1S valve mounted HID genuine install vehicle replacement with a normal valve 25% increase in light intensity! Emitted color adopts 6200 Kelvin